Alupol Packaging Holding belonging to Capital Group Grupa Kęty S.A. is the largest producer of flexible packaging in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Alupol Packaging includes Alupol Packaging PLC. located in Tychy and its subsidiary Alupol Packaging Kęty Ltd. and Alupol Films Ltd.

 Alupol Packaging cooperates with global concerns and large companies active on local market in areas like food concentrates, confectionery, fat products, dairy, pharmaceuticals and household products.





Over many years, we have built a strong market position. On-going large investments in the latest machines and technologies since 1996, have contributed to the fact that, in the packaging industry we are perceived as a reliable supplier.



Important years:

1956  - Establishment of Foil Mill Department
1970  - Opening of modern foil Mill and Flexible Packaging Department
1992  - Transformation of Light Metals Works "Kęty" into a joint stock company
1996  - The first listing of the Company's shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
1999  - Launch of a modern flexible packaging plant Alupol - in the Special Economic Enterprise Zone
in Tychy
2001  - Modernization of The Aluminium Foil Mill in Kęty
2005  - Launch of production plant for manufacturing packaging using flexography technology
2006  - Fire in packaging plant in Kęty
2006  - Diversification of production into two independent plants in Kęty and in Tychy
2009  - Founding of a new company Alupol Packaging Kęty  Ltd. taking over the assets of the Flexible Packaging Segment in Kęty
2009  - Acquisition of 100% shares in Alupol Packaging Kęty Ltd. from Grupa Kęty plc. to Alupol Ltd.
2010  - Alupol Ltd. transformed into Alupol PLC.
2014  - Establishment of Alupol Films Ltd.
2016  - Launch of production of 5-layer BOPP film at Alupol Films Ltd.


lGrupa Kęty                     Alupol Films Ltd. 



Alupol Packaging Spółka Akcyjna

ul. Strefowa 4, 43-109 Tychy

tel.: +48 32 324 57 00

Alupol Packaging Kęty Sp. z o.o.
(Zakład produkcyjny)

ul. Kościuszki 111, 32-650 Kęty

tel.: +48 33 844 64 33

Alupol Films Sp. z o.o.
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