Alupol Packaging Group is recognized as the best supplier of flexible packaging for Nestle’s European plants in 2010!


Alupol Packaging Group is recognized as the  best supplier of flexible packaging for Nestle’s European  plants in 2010!

In Nestle’s global assessment of suppliers – Alupol Packaging has been voted the best supplier of flexible packaging for Nestle’s European plants in 2010. This is without doubt the greatest commercial success in the history of the Flexible Packaging Segment.

Nestle, the largest food manufacturer in the world,  assesses each of  its 71 suppliers  annually  which includes the world's largest converters operating in the flexible packaging industry. The big surprise is that Alupol Packaging S. A., part of Grupa Kety S. A.,  won top ranking,  receiving  4.4 out of 5 points. This first place is the result of many years of development  and dynamic cooperation between our two companies.




Nestle Group is one of the Alupol Packaging’s  key customers. Our Tychy and Kety plants provide, among other things, packaging for soups, sauces, spices, coffee, desserts, boullion cubes, baby food, etc. In 2010 Alupol Packaging was qualified as a supplier to the entire Nestle Group, which means that cooperation is already taking place in the global market. One example is "juicy chicken" series dedicated to the whole European market, as well as the production of printed foil coverlids for ice cream, including Manhattan, KitKat and Princessa. In 2010 Alupol Packaging also began supplying laminates for Nescafe coffee, while at the same time remaining the largest supplier of laminates to the Nestle plant in Kalisz.

Alupol Packaging Group annually sells more than 20 thousand tonnes of packaging, mainly to the largest multinational concerns. In addition to the "big three" - Nestle, Kraft Foods and Unilever; Alupol Packaging’s customers include other global players in the food industry, such as Fererro (Raffaello, Kinder Bueno, etc.), Perfetti Van Melle (Mentos, Fruittella, Chupa Chups), Sara Lee (Prima, Douwe Egberts), Dr. Oetker and Rieber & Son (owner of brands such as: Delecta in Poland, the Czech Republic and Vitana Toro in Scandinavia).




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