Food concentrates

Concentrated food includes loose products such as food flavouring, soup mixes, dressing mixes, gelatine dessert mixes, pudding mixes, whipped cream mixes, gelatine, vanilla sugar, baking powder, pastry mixes, instant baby food, tea, coffee, instant cappuccino, instant drink mixes, instant cocoa and chocolate, tea in sachets, products such as pasta, rice, nuts, figs and raisins, stock/bullion cubes, and fluid products such as: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and dressings.


Not only the appearance of packaging matters but also the high barrier, strength of seal. That is why we select the materials meeting the above requirements very carefully and with great precision. Professionally made packaging remains tightly sealed even if some small particles of the product get to the seal.



For packaging of food concentrates we offer the following:

  • Triplex™ laminate - PET/Al/PE
  • Quatrex™ laminate - Paper/PE/Al/PE or Al/PE/Paper/PE
  • laminates based on  aluminum foil, paper, polyethylene and micro wax,
  • laminates based on metalized plastics materials and polyethylene,
  • double layer laminate based on paper and polyethylene   

For packaging of products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings (high fat, low Ph products), which are particularly demanding we offer more sophisticated laminates based on specialist polyethylene films manufactured by our company. Depending on the composition of a packaged product they can be four-, three- and double-layer laminates.

For packing coffee, cappuccino, instant cocoa and chocolate we offer laminates produced on the base of the In-House polyethylene film "peel" type, providing easy open properties.

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