Packaging based on the high barrier film with the layer of PET G, heat-sealable to poliester

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Alupol has launched the production of new HBF9TM foil which has a very good oxygen and water vapour barrier. This new foil is enriched with sealing layer type PET G. This enables it to seal to mono PET layers. It allows to use in packing process, monolayer rigid PET trays, which later on can be recycled. Due to low sealing temperature, it can be used in laminates for top foils sealed to rigid trays made of PET and where sealing to external laminate layer ( made of PET) is necessary (A to B).




Advantages of new HBF foil with sealing layer PetG (PE/EVOH/PETG):

  • can be laminated to BOPET and other printed and unprinted materials,
  • good sealing and strength properties, 
  • ability to seal directly to APET and BOPET foil,
  • good oxygen and water vapour barrier, 
  • wide range of thicknesses  (from 25um),
  • can be used in packaging of products like : fresh meat, sausages, cheese, bakery products and other,
  • eliminates necessity of PE lamination on rigid PET tray,
  • allows to offer PET trays, which can be recycled,
  • reduces production cycles and energy due to lower sealing temperature,
  • reduces industrial waste -all PET trays can be recycled,
  • this solution follows the sustainable approach. 

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