High Barrier Films HBF9TM - Chilled food

We at Alupol Packaging S.A. want to introduce the possibility for customers to purchase a new range of multi-layer barrier films, HBF9™ and associated laminates for products including chilled foods like fresh meat, cured meat, cheese, fish and ready meals (dumplings, egg rolls etc.). The production of these films takes place on blowing lines. These films have high barrier possibilities because they are produced with a composition of PET, EVOH, PA, PP, LDPE, HDPE and special additives. Thanks to our high-tech processes, they have perfect barriers to oxygen, humidity and aromas. These laminates can be used for packaging chilled products with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) and TFFS (thermo-form fill sealed packaging) and guarantee our customers the optimal shelf life for their products.The laminates used for producing covering for packaging (PET/HBF9™) contain a feature which guarantees the elimination of moisture within the package, and the sealing layer can be customized by the customer.



Films for thermo-forming are produced with a composition of PA and LDPE with special additives and width possibilities from 60µm to 150µm. Our knowledge and experience, machines and control equipment give us the best possibilities to customize films for all chilled products.

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