Laminate based on the high barrier film, heat sealable to aluminium

The use of multi-layer high-barrier films and laminates based on them is one of the methods of implementing pro-environmental activities aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment by reducing the weight of packaging placed on the market. Due to the multilayer structure of the film and the components used, with a relatively low total weight, the films can have very good barrier, mechanical and sealable properties.


HBF9 ™ film has a very good barrier to oxygen and water vapor. By enriching it with a special aluminum-sealable layer, it was possible to seal laminates with its participation directly to aluminum trays. The use of a laminate allows the packaging to be sealed directly on the tray and eliminates the outer packaging.



The advantages of the new HBF foil with a layer that can be sealed to aluminum:


  • the possibility of lamination with BOPET foil and other web materials, printed and  unprinted,
  • good sealability and durability,
  • the possibility of direct sealing to aluminum trays,
  • has an oxygen and water barrier (the level can be adjusted to the product requirements),
  • wide range of thicknesses (currently from 30um),
  • application for packing a wide range of products, such as: ready-made products (Meals-Ready-to-Eat), fresh meat, bread, etc.




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