The paper extrusion coated with the high barrier plastic layer

The extrusion technology of coating paper with plastics allows to obtain a laminate without additional technological operations and the usage of adhesives. A paper-based laminate with a plastic  sealable  layer has been one of the basic packaging structures for dry products for many years. Thanks to the development of technology, it is possible to obtain a high functional barrier to oxygen in this laminate. The use of such a solution is one of the methods of implementing pro-environmental activities aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment by eliminating aluminum foil and reducing the range of packaging placed on the market. Due to the multi-layer structure of the plastic and the use of EVOH, with a relatively low total weight, laminates can have very good barrier, mechanical and sealable properties.
The Pap / PE-EVOH-PE laminate has a very good barrier to oxygen and water vapor. It can ultimately replace such laminates as e.g. Pap / Pe / Alu / Pe. Thanks to different layer thicknesses, it is possible to use this laminate for packing a wide group of food products such as: instant products, spices, tea, etc.  
The advantages of the new extrusion-coated barrier laminate: 
  • good sealability and durability,
  • has an oxygen and water barrier (the level can be adjusted to the product requirements),
  • wide range of plastic layer thicknesses (from 15um to 50um),
  • application for packing a wide range of dry products such as: instant products, spices, tea, etc.


As a solution that enables actions towards sustainable development:
  • eliminates the need to use aluminum foil in laminates,
  • allows to offer recyclable laminate structures,
  • eliminates the need for adhesives and the associated emission of volatile substances - organic compounds (VOCs),
  • allows the use of lighter recyclable packaging by removing the aluminium layer

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