Packaging for snacks

Plastic packaging made of extrusion or adhesion lamination technology for the packaging of snacks and other food products.



Alupol Packaging has introduced a new laminate for the packaging of snacks. The production process of laminate BOPP/copolymer/metBOPP takes place on 4 very modern lines for extrusion coating and lamination located in 2 independent locations: Alupol Packaging Plc. (Tychy, Poland) and in Alupol Packaging Kęty Ltd. (Kety, Poland). 



Thanks to the innovativeness of these devices in a single production operation, we obtain a finished OPP / copolymer / metOPP structure. The plastic layer that connects BOPP printed film with metallized BOPP foil has a multilayer structure A/B/A that gives the laminate its optimum properties. The packaging made of this laminate has such features as:


• Easy opening - increasing the comfort of opening the package - reducing the risk of uncontrolled opening of the package with the product,

• A very high water vapor barrier WVTR < 0.3 [g/m2 * day] and oxygen barrier OTR < 30 [cm3/m2 * day]

• Improved puncture resistance, and characterized by a higher stiffness compared to OPP/metOPP laminates made with adhesive lamination technology,

• Ready to use immediately after lamination - no curing time adhesive required - it gives the customer a much shorter lead time for packaging,

• Possible to be printed in rotogravure and flexo methods.


The OPP/copolymer/metOPP laminate is dedicated to packaging chips but can also be used as a packaging for other food products such as: peanuts, crisps, nuts, diet biscuits, etc.

Examples of packaging made in extrusion or adhesive technology



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