Packaging based on polypropylene films easy to recycle

Alupol Packaging promotes laminates easy to recycle based on polypropylene films BOPP and PPBTM.


The new solutions in flexible packaging are mainly based on the usage of polypropylene films in laminates.

Currently implemented new PPBTM films, which are based on polypropylene, are produced in blowing extrusion technology. They could be used as mono foil or as a component of homogeneous two-layers laminates, where the second layer is polypropylene BOPP film produced e.g. in Alupol Films in Oświęcim.


Thanks to the usage of blowing technology in producing PPBTM film, these laminates have very good mechanical and barrier properties.


Multilayer structure of PPBTM film allows to achieve the level of barrier for oxygen OTR<1 [cm3/m2*day]. The barrier for vapour depends on the thickness of the material and could achieve the level WVTR<2 [g/m2*day]. Where it is required, the metallization could be used and provide the barrier for light and allows to achieve even higher barrier for oxygen and water vapor in laminates.


Because of that properties, laminates could be used for packaging of the wide variety of products, such as: instant food, spices, coffee, fresh meat, bread, etc. The laminates also meet the guidelines for “A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”.


The confirmation for that is the obtaining Certificate “Made for Recycling” for laminates OPP/PPB which was granted by Interseroh and approved by the studies in German Institute Fraunhofer according to the methodology of bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH.




All offered solutions could be printed in roto or flexo technology and they guarantee the food safety for packed products.


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