Packaging based on printing paper with the heat-seal barrier layer

Printing paper with a heat-sealable coating in the form of heat-sealable varnish is a packaging material that meets the pro-environmental assumptions of minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment. The Pap / Lt laminate allows for a tight packaging for many food products.  The heat-seal varnish has a certificate that enables for direct contact with food, and thanks to the fact that the main component of this laminate is paper, the packaging will have a high class of recycling. The Lt coating is applied at the rotogravure printing stage in the in-line system, which significantly shortens the lead time and does not require additional technological time for conditioning and seasoning.



The main advantages of the laminate:
  • reducing the weight of packaging placed on the market. Even with the same grammage of the printing paper, by replacing the PE layer with the Lt heat-sealable coating, a significant weight reduction is achieved while maintaining the mechanical, heat-sealable properties, and in some cases higher barrier properties are obtained with the use of special varnish coatings,
  • recyclable. In the Pap / Lt laminate, it is possible to reduce undesirable components below 5%. It is related to the possibility of reducing the mass of the sealable layer and to the selective (frame) application of Lt on the surface of the paper,
  • energy-saving. Laminate production allows to abandon additional energy-consuming processes such as extrusion coating or lamination,
  • elimination of the need to use polyurethane adhesives and the associated emission of volatile substances,
  • the implementation of Pap / Lt laminate for packaging machines, which support the currently dominant Pap / PE market, is not a major challenge, even in the case of very fast machines.

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