Environmental and economical laminates based on HBF9™ thin films

Thin film laminates based on high barrier HBF9™ - film can be used for the packing of powdery products with extended shelf life, which is possible due to the specific properties of these materials. Using high barrier plastic materials in the production process and combining them with conventional polyolefins, allows the attainment of films with low gas permeability, low moisture, aromas, very good sealability as well as mechanical and optical properties. Our new laminates with these parameters (2 - 3 layers) can replace 3 – 5 layered laminates containing: aluminum foil, plastic and paper. For example, laminates with a PET/PETmet/PE – structure, with the weight of approximately 100g/m2 are replaced with laminates based on an innovative film, HBF9™, with a total weight of about 60g/m2. This allows to a reduction in the weight of packaging entering into the market by about 40%, which greatly contributes to the protection of the environment. Additionally, the amount of lamination required to produce the finished product is much lower. In this way, the production of this package is characterized by low energy consumption.


Practically all customers, both international concerns and local producers, through the use of high barrier films, show a high interest in thinning laminates.

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